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Japanese Climbing Cucumber Seeds

Japanese Climbing Cucumber Seeds

This packet contains 20 grams which is about 25-30 seeds. These seeds are a part of our Summer planting season list!


The Japanese Climbing Cucumber is an Heirloom Seed (non-GMO).  It has strong tendrils so you can grow it up a trellis or fence, but it does great on the ground also.  These cucumbers never got bitter and out produced every other cucumber we grew in the past. They are a huge hit at our local farmers market. It is easy to save these seeds since they are heirlooms. Always crisp and super delicious. Seeds are packed in a Safety Seed resealable packet with planting instruction printed on the packet.  Seed packet contains 1/2 tsp which about 30 seeds.  Maturity: about 60 days.


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