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Meet the Long Family

Our Story

Farming is important because for us, it’s a way of life. The Long Family Farm was once a Cherokee Farm but sadly, it was taken away from the Cherokee people when they were forced to leave the land during the Trail of Tears in the 1830’s. After this, the land was sold to white settlers. It was then sold to a family who held the farm for over 100 years!


The farm was purchased by Harold and Nancy Long in 2015. Harold, his son Travis, and his grandchildren are all enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. The farm has gone full circle and is now rightfully back in Cherokee hands! There are 2,200 acres of tribal land the Cherokee won back in court that border our 40 acre farm -- 32 deeded acres and 8 tribal acres.

Farming is how we contribute to both Cherokee and Appalachian history. We stay focused on growing Heirloom varieties using organic practices. By farming in this way, we commit to being a responsible and sustainable farm. We take pride in producing healthy foods for our family and community. They say you may need a doctor, lawyer, or mechanic in your life someday but the truth is, you need a farmer every day!

N.C. Small Farmers of the Year 2019 - Long Family Farms and Gallery

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