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Ruby Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard Seeds

Ruby Red Rhubarb Swiss Chard Seeds

This packet contains 2 grams which is about 100 seeds. Sows about 25 ft. These seeds are a part of our Spring and Fall planting season list!


The ruby red rhubarb swiss chard is stunningly beautiful with bright red stems, dark green leaves, and flowing red veins. This is one of the prettiest vegetables in the garden and a best seller at our farmers market! This chard is not only beautiful, but delicious and very nutritional. With maturity about 55 days and a long harvest time, these are so easy to grow. These seeds are packed in a safety seed resealable envelope with planting instructions printed on the envelope.


Image Credit: "Colourful chard" by 126 Club is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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